Figment POS

Figment POS

Figment POS is a cloud-based POS solution built to cater to the POS needs and requirements of different businesses, such as Coffee Shops,  Retail Stores, Restaurants, Bookshops, Spas & Gyms, Bakeries, Cinemas, Laundry services and more. This software is specifically designed to streamline the check out payment process so users can concentrate on satisfying their customers and growing their business.

Figment has been created and designed in such a way that can be tailored to all our client needs. If requested, our product can even be customized according to your needs. Our product ensures your company is productive and the satisfaction of our clients is most important.

Figment offers an easy- to- use POS system that helps you enhance and grow your business using its rich features. We help a business grow profitability, sales and improve customer management and handle inventory needs with our cloud-based solution.

We are a dedicated team with the objectives to deliver the highest quality experience to business owners.

Every business that operates has multiple challenging hurdles.

The most suitable POS technology provides solutions to two major hurdles, which are:

  • Time: Simplifying and automating tedious tasks that have an impact on the overall health of their businesses.
  • Resources: We’ve put a lot of thought into creating the perfect solution to simplify your buying process.

POS systems provide real-time inventory management, built-in loyalty options for customers, and can easily grow with a business. There are significant differences between a cash register and a POS system, the biggest is that a POS improves efficiency and communication in your business.

Modern POS systems do more than just offer regular standards, but when processing daily transactions, they improve your chances of success by providing you with tools to automate your business. These tools are used for inventory and employee management, accounting, sales reporting, and customer acquisition.

An iPad based POS systems are cheaper and more reliable. In conclusion, they are an ideal choice for merchants looking to scale their businesses.

Traditional systems have upfront costs such as software license fees, maintenance fees, technical support, and training. 

Figment understands how challenging it can be for any company to start and get running. It is essential to know how to communicate with your clients and to be able to offer the best service for their needs. We ensure customer satisfaction. The POS system you choose should be easy to set up and simple to use. You to be able to teach your employees about the system.

A Cloud-based point of sale application is strongly recommended for any savvy store owner or manager. Such apps can be a godsend since you can monitor sales and staff performance whenever you like, from where ever you are.

Although most POS systems give you sales data, the capabilities and clarity of a system’s reporting platform are not all the same. Your Figment POS should generate detailed, comprehensive sales reports that are useful for in-depth analysis, as well as provide snapshot reports that will effectively guide your pricing and inventory management.

Another aspect to think about when choosing the best system for you is to access accurate sales data and other key analytics.

Business owners have the rights to know everything about their business no matter where they are in the world.

Your analytics dashboard should be a one-stop overview of all of your activity for a given date or date range. just by looking at this you should be able to identify the sales you have made by the hour during the day. Your analytics dashboard should be an overview of your sales and profitability.

Quality POS system simplifies inventory tracking so that you can avoid running out of products and miss any sales. An inventory tracking and reorder should allow you to easily track quantity on hand (QOH) and generate reorder reports when you are running low.


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